Live the Moorings experience!

With excellent sea views and a wonderful atmospheric environment, Moorings welcomes you to enjoy a unique experience of fun and taste.

ταρτάρ με κρασί δίπλα στη θάλασσα


A special dining experience in the southern suburbs

Chef Kostas Lolas with his experienced team creates a classic but also innovative menu, which combines excellent Mediterranean cuisine with special variations

Sommelier Αλέξανδρος Παπαδόπουλος


Wine collection from all over the world

Sommelier Alexandros Papadopoulos chooses our wines with particular care, so that they combine perfectly with our cuisine, enhancing the flavors of the fresh selected ingredients.

κοκτέιλ δίπλα στη θάλασσα


Cocktails with a sea view

The Moorings cocktail bar has conquered the hearts of the visitors of Vouliagmeni,
offering a unique combination of classic and signature cocktails.


Create your memories

At Moorings we lovingly and professionally undertake the organization of your events, making them special and unforgettable.