• Cucumber Gazpacho soup 20€

    Cucumber soup | Royal crab salad | Pickled horseradish

  • Smoked salmon 42€

    Foie-gras terrine | Butter with orange confit | Mesclan salad Toasted brioche

  • Mussels “Mariniere” 21€

    Shallots | Rose wine | Parsley | Mariner sauce | Baguette croutons

  • Ouzo shrimps 27€

    Sauteed | Shrimp Butter | Creamy Bisque Sauce | Wild Rice
    “Gluten-Free” “Alcohol”

  • Pouches 20€

    Shrimps with creamy cheese | Chili flakes sauce

  • Mushrooms 19€

    Carpaccio | Grilled | Raw salad | Parmesan | Garlic mayonnaise | Truffle oil
    “Gluten-Free” “Gluten-Free”


  • Caesar 19€

    Hearts of Greek lettuce | Iceberg | Parmesan | Bacon | Roasted chicken | Garlic croutons | Caesar dressing

  • Arugula & Spinach 17€

    Arugula & Spinach varieties | Avocado | Crispy Prosciutto | Goat Cheese Hazelnuts | Seasonal Fruit | White Wine Dressing
    “Gluten-Free “Nuts”

  • Greek 16€

    Colorful tomatoes & Cherry tomatoes | Cucumber | Peppers | Onion | Caper | Olives | Feta | Pickled Sea fennel | Tomato water & olive oil dressing
    “Nuts” “Gluten-Free

  • Sesonal 16€

    Hearts of Greek lettuce | Scallions | Radishes | Arugula & cardamom Pickled peppers | Olives | Olive oil and Vinegar dressing
    “Nuts” “Gluten-Free

  • Νiçoise 23€

    Mini potatoes | Green Beans | Avocado | Lettuce hearts | Olives Tomatoes | Egg | Tuna | Soya dressing
    “Nuts” “Gluten-Free

Pasta & Risotti

  • Kalamarata 26€

    Calamari Spaghetti | Ouzo | Pesto | Black Risotto | Gold 24Κ
    “Gluten-Free “Nuts”

  • Potato risotto 28€

    Parmesan sauce | Sauteed crayfish tails | “Metsovone” cheese cream

  • Shellfish 34€

    (Mussels, Clams, Vongole) Spaghettini | Muscat wine | Vongole cream | Garlic | Parsley
    “Nuts” “Gluten-Free

  • Avgotaraxo “Melichloro” 41€

    “Cipriani” tagliolini | Beurre-blanc sauce | Lime | Chives

  • Kritharoto 29€

    Prawns | Whole Grain orzo | Bisque tomate | Lemon zest

Main courses

  • Bouillabaisse 34€

    Fish of the day | Lobster | Shrimp | Shellfish | Soup flavored with saffron Rouille | Garlic croutons

  • Grouper Fricassee 48€

    Sauté | Tamarisk fricassee | Egg-lemon sauce | Dill oil

  • Salmon 28€

    Grilled | Olive salad with Colorful Tomatoes | Pine nuts

  • Sea bass 33€

    Grilled fillets | Steamed vegetables | Lemon oil

  • Free range chicken 25€

    Grilled breast | Quinoa salad | Grilled vegetables | Veal-jus sauce

  • Roasted lamb 28€

    Shoulder sous-vide 14h | Mini potatoes | Yogurt | Lamb-jus sauce

Main courses to Share

  • Fish of the Day 130€/Kg

    Please ask for availability Preparation upon request: Grilled with boiled vegetables Oven roasted with vegetables In salt crust (24 hours in advance)

  • Lobster 160€/Kg

    Preparation upon request: Grilled with boiled vegetables With spaghetti “Astakomakaronada” A la Thermidor with aromatic risotto

Josper Grill

Extra virgin olive oil is used in our dishes and sunflower oil for dipping. Where prawns, crayfish, octopus and squid are mentioned they are frozen. Otherwise, your waiter will inform you.

Οι τιμές είναι σε ευρώ (€) και περιλαμβάνονται όλες οι νόμιμες επιβαρύνσεις

Prices are in euro (€) VAT and all other taxes are included in the listed items

Ο καταναλωτής δεν εχει υποχρέωση να πληρώσει εαν δεν λάβει το νόμιμο παραστατικό (απόδειξη – τιμολόγιο)

Consumer is not obliged to pay if the notice of payment has not been received (receipt – invoice)

Το κατάστημα διαθέτει υποχρεωτικά φύλλα διαμαρτυρίας για τους πελάτες σε ειδική θέση δίπλα στην έξοδο

The restaurant has complaints sheets for customers in special position near the exit

Αγορανομικώς υπεύθυνος: Παναγιώτης Βαξεβανάκης

Person liable upon market inspection: Panagiotis Vaxevanakis

Τα παρακάτω σύµβολα χρησιµοποιούνται µόνο συµπληρωµατικά ως προς την περιγραφή των πιάτων.

The symbols below are only complementary to the description of the dishes.

Για οποιαδήποτε µορφή αλλεργίας ή δυσανεξίας ενηµερώστε το σερβιτόρο σας.

Please inform your waiter if you have any dietary requirements or allergies.


Xωρίς Γλουτένη
Gluten Free


Ξηροί Καρποί
Contains nuts









Στα πιάτα µας χρησιµοποιείται extra παρθένο ελαιόλαδο και για το τηγανισµα ηλιέλαιο. 

Extra virgin olive oil and sunflower frying oil are used for our dishes 

Όπου αναφέρονται γαρίδες, καραβίδες, χταπόδι και καλαµάρι είναι κατεψυγµένα. ∆ιαφορετικά σας ενηµερώνει ο σερβιτόρος σας.

Where mentioned, shrimps, calamari and octopus are frozen. Otherwise your waiter will advise you.